Why Make A Will

Why Make A Will - Marcus MeddPut your mind at rest – secure the future of your estate.

If you die without a valid Will it is known as dying Intestate, this means that your estate is distributed by the Intestacy Rules which are in the Administration of Estates Act, an Act of law written in 1925 – obviously the way we live our lives today is very different, so these rules do not take into consideration the many relationships we see in today’s society, meaning your estate may well not fall to those that you would wish.

An intestate estate can cause anguish, disappointment, expense and hardship to those close to the deceased and may not be tax efficient.

In a meeting either at your home or at our Taunton office we will discuss your situation and your wishes, then advise the best way forward for YOU. Once agreed your Will will be drafted within 10 days ready for signing. When you receive your Will enclosed are instructions for signing and a full commentary explaining the document clause by clause, ensuring you have full understanding.